After a long journey, Fantasyland, the documentary is finally completed. It
has been a long time since we gathered with everyone at the draft, but the
film that has emerged from this process is something that we are really
proud of.

On March 19th, the film will launch on Snag Films and on Hulu. The film is a
glimpse into the Tout Wars season and the crazy journey of Jed Latkin as he
attempted to keep up and compete with all of you. There is a ton of things
Jed did that we believe you will all enjoy, laugh at, shake your head about
and probably not even comprehend.

Below are the links to our website, facebook, twitter and youtube
pages. We are sharing deleted scenes and moments from the film
as part of the ramp up to the release.

We are also doing a private screening on Saturday night of the Tout
weekend at the Tribeca Screening Room, which you are all invited to.

Private Screening for Fantasyland
Date: March 27th at 7pm
Location: Tribeca Screening Room
375 Greenwich Street (Between Franklin & No. Moore Streets)
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10013

Please RSVP to Nando DiFino at

Thank you,

Stephen Palgon