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"Winning a fantasy championship comes down to dedicating yourself to finding the most up-to-date information before your competitors. I always get that competitive edge from the Sandlot Shrink."

Ron Shandler, Baseball Forecaster and

"Best book to take to the draft- Each year we plug this book, and each year nobody even comes close. For ease of use, up-to-date information and quality analysis, The Fantasy Baseball Insider by Rod Beaton and Dennis LePore is the best. It also has draft day roster forms, games played by position charts and stat scans.”

John Hunt, USA Today Baseball Weekly

The Sandlot Shrink is a bible of fantasy knowledge.  It's the only book I take with me on draft day and the only book I needed to win my league.

Fred Roggin 1540theticket (KNBC), Los Angeles

I am pleased to announce that Sandlot Shrink Inc. has been selected for the 2009 Best of Chagrin Falls Award in the Newsletter Publishing category by the US Commerce Association.

Ashley Carter, Selection Committee Chair, US Commerce Association

"There's so much free information on the web, it's tough to make it charging paid subscriptions. But The Sandlot Shrink makes it worth their subscribers' while. This is serious info for serious players. The Shrink publication, Fantasy Baseball Insider gets the experts thumbs' up."

Lynn Gillis, Preview Sports Publications

"A winner. The Fantasy Baseball Insider provides tons of insight on hundreds of players."

Carl Foster, Fantasy Sports Tonight

"Sandlot Shrink – truly one of the best insiders around. The Shrink has loads of free information as well as some fee-based information also. They update daily so this is a very entertaining place to visit."

Skip Gibson, The Mining Co.

"I used The Shrink for a baseball league I was in. You can ask specific questions about purposed trades, free agent acquisitions, and IR information. When I used his service I was very impressed with the detailed information he gave me in the reply. His depth of the game is Top Notch! If you have a specific situation that you would want a true expert’s opinion on, The Sandlot Shrink is your man."

Greg Schaffer, Go Inside Magazine

"On behalf of the entire staff of the Dick Butkus Football Network, I want to congratulate you and your staff on being honored by online football fans in the 1998 Internet Football Awards. You have a great site!"

Bob Smith, President, Dick Butkus Football Network

"Thanks to the Shrink... I won my fantasy league's Baseball World championship! And thanks to the web site... I have lost my reason to go outside! Your minor league coverage is easily the best in the business too."

Eddie Brill, comedian, Late Show with David Letterman

"We just want to say thanks. Over the last year your site has played a big part in helping members find the best of the Web quickly. It is your site, and sites like yours that helped us gain the recognition that we wish to share today. Your site, which has been chosen by Greg Spira, contributing editor for Baseball, as one of the ‘Best of the Internet,’ deserves particular recognition. Congratulations to you and your site. We know the effort, time and dedication it takes to be the best."

Jason Pamer, Editor in Chief

"Your site has been selected as 'Da Touchdown Site of the Week' at Totally Football Links. Keep up the good work."

Skip Gibson, Totally Football Links

"Like any fantasy-team owner, I'm looking for the latest news and insider information that can tell me which players will be primed for a breakout season and which phenom I can build my team with. This subscription service also has a lot of free information gathered by longtime baseball writers."

Jim Luttrell, NY Times

"As a longtime fantasy leaguer who began playing way back in the ’80s, I’ve picked out a lineup of must-visit sites to get you loosened up for the season. You just might see the national pastime as a whole new ballgame."

Matt Purdue,  

"Awesome information."

John Zaleski, Ultimate Fantasy Sports

"First of all, VERY nice job on the Baseball Insider book. You're selling yourself short if you think it doesn't look professional. I'll take quality info for glossy cover and fluffy pics anytime. Really found it be useful. Can't very well have the football "expert" come out of the draft with anything less than a dominating team now can we?"

Joe Bryant, Strategy Columnist, Fantasy Pro Forecast, Co-founder Fan Ex League

“If you are looking for information tailored for fantasy baseball, check out The Sandlot Shrink. Not only does The Shrink provide the best analysis of major league ballplayers found on the Internet, but PP&S provides minor league information specifically for the fantasy crowd!”

Daniel Levine, PP&S



“Thanks .... you guys are one reason I won my league last year.  Between working 2 jobs, I can't research baseball as much as I would like. So I depend on you folks a lot! Also, in the past, your info about minor leaguers led me to draft Kris Bryant and Cody Bellinger. Our league pays bonus money for rookie of the year and other categories, so you folks earned me $25 for each of those guys.”

Paul McGrath, Houston TX

“I have retired from competitive fantasy sports.  For the past 15 years or so I have relied if not solely, then almost so, on your expertise to guide through the seasons of highly competitive baseball and football leagues.  I was during this time by far the leading money winner. In 16 years of baseball I finished first 5 times including a back to back in 01/02, (no one else has ever repeated since league was formed in 1986) and "in the money" in 7 other years; next owner was a founder who cashed in 10 of 22 years. My success in my football league was also as impressive, winning 6 times including 2 back-to-backs and cashed 15 times in 20 years.  I just wanted to give you a heartfelt thank you for the success and money you helped me earn.  … Dennis, you are one of the best at what at what you do. I wish you all the success you endeavor for. If I ever get back in the game I have your number and will use it.  Take care and God bless.”

John Jost, Dallas TX

“I've been a member of your Sandlot Shrink service for several years and use it in both baseball and football. A great site!”

Dennis Gahry, winner of the 2007 AFFL Fantasy Football Silver Contest

“I just wanted to compliment you for the accurate information that is available FREE to the public. Your Depth Charts are the most accurate to be had, year after year. This tool itself has helped me on auction day. I hope to become a subscriber soon,

Tom Murphy, Founder of YUS and Suncoast Leagues, est. 1988 and 1989

“I can’t believe I did it again.  This year I really had to work for it. FA moves, match-ups and a little luck. Not to mention my Studs. Well looks like I will be defending my title once more next year. Have a happy new year and I will talk to you in 08!! Thanks for the feedback throughout the year.”

Dominic Cuozzo, Guilford CT

“Hi guys, wanted to send you this message to thank you for a great website and service. I have been using the Sandlot Shrink since the early 90's and it has been instrumental in winning many baseball, football and basketball leagues over the years. The spring training news for baseball is by far the best source of information anywhere on the net, and is essential for any serious fantasy player. I have been in a league of 18 teams that drafts a total of 500 players on our rosters for 15 years. With your help, I have finished in the prize money 10/15 years, which is remarkable with the competitiveness of my league. This year your news and projections helped me win the 1st National Fantasy Baseball Championship and I wanted to say thank you for the great service over the years. I always tell people your site is the best!”

Artie Rastelli, Triple-A Winner of the 2004 National Fantasy Baseball Championship

“This is my 5th season in roto and I've used your site the past 3 years which I finished 4th, 1st, 2nd respectively...currently in 1st this season.  Keep in mind, I'm playing with guys who have 20+ years experience!

Scott Copinger, Baltimore MD

“Thanks for all of the advice over the years. Your site is number #1 in my book!  Out of two leagues I am in 1st place in one and 2nd place in the other because of your site and the stellar insights I had two great drafts.” 

Mike Messina, Atlantic City 

“Hey Guys, Thanks for another successful season. Three years ago my team came in second. Two years ago we won it. And this year we got second again in a very competitive league.  We couldn't have done it without your site. Also I liked very much the way you graded the prospects.”

Mark Medlenka, Houston TX

“This will be my 7th year with the Shrink and I just wanted to say that I have reaped the benefits of your awesome $ value projections and draft day cheat sheets to finish 1st (three times) and 2nd (three times) in my 10 team league. Thanks for a great site.”

Steve Lepock, Virginia Beach VA

“Hello. I recently ordered the Baseball Insider on your website.  I love this book and use it every year for my RLB draft preparation.  I think it is the best publication of its kind and I've tried them all since we started our RL back in 1984.  I think your values are much more realistic than many ‘experts’ I've seen. You guys do a great job. Putting the book on-line is a great idea.”

John Robert, Ramona, CA

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate you're top-notch baseball depth charts.  Best on the Web! Great job.”


“After these many years (more than a decade), I am convinced that the Shrink is one of, if not the, best fantasy sports service there is. You helped me win many leagues.”

Rick Friedman, North Caldwell NJ

"Always a pleasure talking to Dennis and Rod. They are simply the best when it comes to baseball and the minor leagues. No one even comes close. Plus, I knew nothing about football going into last season and used the Shrink exclusively for the draft and finished second in a competitive 12-team league."

John Snider, Los Angeles CA

“I've been using your football service for two seasons now and have two consecutive trips to the Fantasy Bowl and just won a championship. Thanks for the incredible things you do to make idiots like me successful!”


Flynn Bowie, Columbia, SC

"I tried all the big name services out there and canceled everybody but the Sandlot Shrink. You have a customer for life."

David Kern, Kennebunk ME

"I've played fantasy sports for over ten years and read all the stuff I could find and I've never found a service that's as reliable, complete, up-to-date or insightful as the Sandlot Shrink. I'm in first place in both my leagues and all I did was follow the preseason rankings and weekly updates."

Ted Diadium, Chesterland OH

"I won two games in my football league the first year and felt I needed a different service. I tried the Sandlot Shrink and went 15-1 two years in a row."

David Terry, Austin TX

"Please rush me the Insider book as I eagerly await its release every year. I am a repeat customer and would like to add that I feel your product is the finest on the market and is a valuable asset for any fantasy baseball owner who is serious about winning. Thank you."

JM, Russelltown PA

"Thanks for the prompt reply on safeties. I couldn't get that info anywhere! I got my book today. You guys are the best! The info on the internet is like being in 30 NFL camps myself. The ultimate compliment is that you're so good... I won't let anyone else in our 10-team (high $dollar$) league know about this service. Sorry, that's bad for business, but my competitive edge is too great to sacrifice. Let 'em use (another service)! PS – Please don't print my name or city."


"I enjoy seeing your Baseball Book each year. We used your book as our main source of inside info. We have made the playoffs in our fantasy league each of the last three years, finishing second twice and third once. Your pitcher info has proved invaluable every year. Keep up the good work. I especially enjoy your web site. Your information is timely and the color coding is the best."

Rick Kennedy, Akron OH,

"You guys led me to the promised land three years in a row. Nobody will ever know my secret."

Anonymous, Beaufort SC

"I've been actively involved in fantasy football for five years. Years 2-4 were fun, I subscribed to Sandlot and won two Championships, one runner-up, and competitive enough to be in the playoffs every year. I decided to subscribe to other services instead of Sandlot last year and had my most disastrous season. I'm renewing my subscription with Sandlot, with the annual automatic renewal option. Thanks."


"The most fun I've ever had in rotisserie thanks to your book and newsletter."

Bill Parlaman, Exton PA

"Hi guys. Been with you for a few years now and would like to go online. Let me know what I should do and how to pay for it. Won my league last year after back-to-back second place finishes. This is the only info I use and need. Hope no one else in my league finds out. Thanks!"

Anonymous, Kensington CT

"Yes, I would definitely like to place football on my baseball auto renewal for next year to get the 35% discount. By the way, I think your service is awesome. It has helped me win several baseball seasons over the past 8 years and think it will help with football as well. Thank you."

Dan Kaiser, Dwight IL

"After visiting 100's of web sites the last couple of years, I would really be hard pressed to find another that I would subscribe to. Keep up the excellent work. I find it a lot easier, and less clutter too, to have just a couple of pages at my draft table. Your cheat sheets are perfect. Also thanks for the tip on your UFS link. Please use The Sioux as my name.”

The Sioux

"Unbelievably accurate. I know – I've tried them all and yours is the best, especially the statistical projections."

Ed Cagle, Lawton OK

"Because of work commitments, I don't have the time to prepare for my drafts. I just order your stuff and go right into the draft with it. Your information and service is invaluable for me."

Richard Wells, Chesterfield VA

"Thank you for helping me win my league. As an Intelligence Analyst in the Army, I've learned you must have the best available sources at all times. I consider your company at the top of my list, ahead of (deleted) and (deleted), for ranking players and bringing to my attention the little known players. Thanks again and here's my order for football and baseball. I also authorize you to use this letter as an endorsement."

David E. Todd, 94th ARCOM, Phillipston MA

"I look forward to your book every year. It really helps weed out the pretenders and the real prospects. And the web site is great! I have such an edge over my competitors... I love it. Keep up the fine work."

Fotis Moustopolis, Flushing NY

"I'm back! I won two years in a row with you but decided to try another service just for the heck of it. After I finished a disappointing fourth I went back to the Sandlot Shrink and won my league. I'll never leave you again."

Doug Johnson, Spokane WA

"I peeked at your stuff from another owner at my draft and had to get it this year. You didn't let me down. It's the best by far but please don't mention my name!"

Anonymous, San Antonio TX

"Fabulous job as usual. I want to know and you sirs are supplying the answers. Keep up the good work. Here is my standing order for everything you've got."

Tom Cook, Columbus OH  

"I've won my league three years in a row since I started with the Shrink."

Richard Carlson, Renton WA

"I believe you have the finest informative publication on the market today. It certainly has been instrumental in my finishing in the money three out of the past four leagues."

JT, Alexandria VA

"The quality of your information makes fantasy sports fun."

Bill Schroeder, Wonder IL

"I won my 12-team league last year with your help and am looking forward to another great season this year. It is truly a gut-wrenching experience to witness someone else who is uninformed as I was previous to the Sandlot Shrink. I'm involved in different leagues and your inside tips about starters and trades and which teams are on the upswing and downswing really gives me that something extra to put me at the top!"

BB, Greenbelt MD

"Please do not stop publishing mail order stuff after you go on the internet. When I finally get a computer, I want you to switch me over immediately."

Bob Ferguson, Pittsburgh PA

"Been with you guys since day one and you've never let me down."

Greg Getchel, Portland ME

"I'm in a 14-team Rotisserie Basketball League (same 14 guys, year after year), and have never finished in the money... until this season. You helped me to a solid second place finish. Keep up the good work! However, can I trust you guys to NOT sign up the other 13 guys in my league?"


"I am winning my leagues thanks to your help. Keep up the outstanding work."

Richard Unruh, Old Town ME

"You do football too? Great, send me everything you've got!"

Sou-Chun Su, Marietta GA

"You can use my testimonial. I was totally internet dependent on my information last year. This year I broke down and bought a magazine, and frankly, it's useless. The information is just old...too old! I will again count on the Shrink for real, honest, up-to-date information."

Matt Snyder, Ft. Lauderdale FL

"I won my league for the first time in eight years because of your publication."

Jan Barone, Phoenix AZ

"I don't have to cheat. I've got the Sandlot Shrink."

Kevin Root, Tiffin OH

"This is my fifth year using your service for both baseball and football. Without a doubt, yours is the best on the market. Keep up the good work!"

CV, Glendale AZ

"How to you guys do it? On-the-money predictions in three different sports."

Albert Goetz, Vineland NJ